1981 Honda Passport C70
Restoration Project Started

April 1, 2009 After replacing two fuel hoses the bike started on the second kick down.  I actually was able to ride the bike, without the seat attached, up a steep hill to the main road and back.  I am looking forward to getting two news tires and the little bike on the road.  Since I live in a rural area I should be able to get some actual transportation use out of it. 
May 15, 2009 Made adjustments installed new battery and made a video of Sam Beavon testing it out at my house.
Updated 07-23-2010.
July 2010, New Gazelle tires, new lighting and currently working on the windhshield.  The electric starter works but the solenoid will not energize it, so I am using the kick starter.  So far the little bike runs well and I will keep it in the neighborhood unless gasoline gets really expensive..