The T100 was manufactured and partially engineered by Toyota a subsidiary Hino . Three trim lines were offered: the base model, the DX, and the top-of-the-line SR5. The maximum towing capacity was 5,200 lb (2,360 kg) and the truck had a payload limit of 2,450 pounds. Although most trucks fell within the 1/2 ton realm, a 1-ton model was offered (in 2 wheel drive form) for several of its earlier years until finally being dropped because of a lack of interest. For the T100's first three model years, they were assembled in Tokyo , Japan . The T100 was the last Japanese-built Toyota pickup made for North America when in 1996 Toyota moved production of the T100s to the United States with the opening of Toyota's new Tundra Gibson County, Indiana plant. Some 1997 T100s were made in Japan. The US retail price of the T100 built entirely in Japan included a 25% import tariff. The T100 was discontinued in 1998 and replaced by the larger V8 -powered Tundra .

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(Actually, nothing needs to be done,right now.  This is well equipped with automatic, overdrive, power windows, A/C cruise, and a top end radio that plays casettes as well as CDs.)