Whitehaven Tennessee ceased to exist on Dec. 31st, 1969 when the city of Mempis annexed the area. All assets of the Whitehaven Fire Department were absorbed by the Memphis Fire Department. Many of the full time fire department employees went to work for the city. I have many fond memories of working with this small department . Many of my co-workers were like family members. The Chief was Johnny Wallace and the Deputy Chief was E. C. Yarbro. While I was working there I was also living there and responded to literally hundreds of calls. ...R.N. Doolin

I started working on creating a presence for the Whitehaven Fire Department in November 2012.  After connecting with Harvey Herring and obtaining a lot of old newsclippings and photos it became apparent that this information should be located on its own site, and not buried under my personal site.  I have obtained the domain WhitehavenFireDepartment.org and have already moved all of the data from my site to this one.  As I get more images and information I will be adding it.  Chief Johnny Wallace's wife, Bonnie, has been kind enough to lend Harvey and I her personal scrapbook.  As time allows I will be adding the contents to the site.

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