I got interested in motorcycles in 2004.  Having never been on a bike, ever, I thought that it would be prudent to get some training.  I found that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation had a couse available at the local university.  The course was 15 hours with about 13 hours actually on a bike.  I recommend the course.
I started with the 250cc Honda Rebel and after about 1200 nervous miles I upgraded to the Suzuki Volusia Intruder shown here.  This is 850cc and more than enough bike for me.  Had I known how much fun bikes were I would have had one long ago.
Here is a great shot of my friend, USCG Retired Chief Warrant Kevin Murphy, on his Fatboy Harley during a recent mountain ride.  Traded this for the bike below.
Upper right - Kevin and me during a visit in July 2007.  Taken at Mary Lou's Airport restaurant by Mary Lou.  Kevins latest bike. -  Lower right, Kevin and Sherry doing the Tail of the Dragon Thing. (Click for larger images)

The silver and white was a great bike, I put 27000 miles on it.  I fell in love with the 09 C50, virtually the same bike but with fuel injection, the bike is more refined, quiter and smoother.

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