Like most guys the current car that I have is the best car.  This is almost the case with this Acura MDX.  This is an outstanding car/truck.  The previous 2004 Acura MDX was a fantastic car/truck.  I bought the first MDX because it was a great driver, got great mileage, and had more than adequate power, as well as being super quiet, I could go on and on.  I bought the first MDX because I needed something that I could stretch out in on a long trip when I needed a nap, also I needed something that would pull a trailer, and something with all wheel drive for the winters when I need to get out of my steep driveway.  In addition there are a few times that I need to haul lots of stuff.  The TL was without a doubt the best 'Car', but the 04 MDX bridged the gap between a car and a truck perfectly.  The latest MDX has the Acura Technology Package which is a really big jump.  The MDX is like a rolling computer and most tasks that you are used to doing with buttons and knobs can be accomplished by simply issuing a voice command, very cool.  In the last eleven years I have gone from a Jeep Grand Cherokee, to an Audi A4, to the Acura TL, 04 Acura MDX, and 09 Acura MDX.

Four years ago after a lot of research, and considering quality of my then Acura TL, I choose a Certified Used 2004 Acura MDX Touring Model. I found this at Acura of Memphis and bought the car from Nick Pechilis.  I just traded that MDX for the 09 MDX (with tech package), from Will Edood, a very professional and knowledgeable Salesman.  Although I paid more than I wanted, don't we all, I have nothing but praise for the dealership and sales staff.  Acura of Memphis is a class act and I recommend it.  Whenever I had had my routine maintenance done at the dealership the car is taken right on time and is ready to go sooner than expected with a car wash and vacuuming.  Last year a small rust spot popped up just above the windshieldon the 04 MDX.  Acura did not hesistate to repair the car, which required a new windshield.  Acura loaned me a new TSX to drive for abour a week until the job was finished.  During this time I was exposed to Acura's Tech package and was hooked.  This is basically what prompted me to seek out a newer MDX with the same equipment that I had, plus the Technology package. .

The MDX does have a third row of seats but realistically they are for small people.  I would not want to ride more than a few minutes back there.

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, a pretty good car but thirsty.  Problems with transmission and computer systems .

1997 Audi, Very well built, all wheel drive system, very expensive to maintain, problems with HVAC system, Sunroof, Radios, and drive system.  Car is for wealthly people who have lots of money for maintenance that seems to be needed often.

2002 Acura TL 3.2 Wonderful car, after almost 80K miles no problems, at 75 MPH cabin is so quiet that talking in low voice is adequate, mileage often exceeded 31 MPG, the car will be missed.

1989 Miata, I think it was number 2119, 89 was the first year for Miatas.  Car had 122000 miles and was sold to a neighbor .

2009 MDX

2004 MDX
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I got very comfortable with using the Samauri for towing my trailer and it is great fun in the snow.  Having two all wheel drive vehicles did not make sense and I really did not need the extra room that the MDX offered.  This TSX makes more sense.  I am very pleased with the mileage and have been averaging well over 30 MPG on the road.  This handles like a  sport sedan and has some exclusivity in that Acura only exported 4000 from Japan this year, they are 100% Japanese built.