Long Cross Country Flights
I hope to be adding to these

Flight from Dyersburg to Cape Hatteras - Flew to Dare County with Duane. Dropped Duane off at Elizabeth City and continued on to Dare County.  Flew over First Flight Airport/Wright Brothers Monument.  Spent a few days at Southern Shores with friends.  Flew back to Elizabeth City to pick up Duane and return to Dyersburg.  The trip back was long due to headwinds.  After passing the lower Smokies we dropped to about 2500 feet and came back at that low altitude, the visibility was super and the flight was a great sightseeing trip. 7.5 Hors over and 9.5 hours return.  This was in my Grumman AA1B.
Flight from Dyersburg to Charleston, SC- Flew to Charleston alone in my Grumman. Departed Dyersburg about two hours before dawn. Arrived in Chattanooga at first light and was blinded by the rising sun. Very difficult to see runway. Encountered significant downflow winds after passing the smokies on leg from Chattanooga to Clemson. 5.3 Hours over and 8.2 hours return.

These are some local flights in the regional area.  Many have been repeated.