Welcome to my Homepage. Just to let you know a bit about me. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Whitehaven, Tennessee where I graduated from Whitehaven High School , and attended Memphis State University. Immediately following high school I was employed as a full time Fireman with the Whitehaven Fire Department.  I was an active Coastguardsman from 1963-1967, and stationed at Cape May, New Jersey for two years.

During my tour at Cape May I taught ship board firefighting and was a Coast Guard Structural Fire Fighter. After Cape May I was stationed in Charleston, SC. from 1965-67. I was a Damage Controlman and Duty Boat Engineer.

After completing my 4 year tour I became active in the Coast Guard Reserve and retired from the Reserve in 2002 as a CWO4, Port Security. I went to work for the Coast Guard as a civilian in 1970 and retired from the Coast Guard Civilian work force in 1999, where I finished my career as an Environmental Protection Specialist for Coast Guard Group Charleston. I assisted Coast Guard units in the coastal South Carolina and Georgia area with environmental and safety compliance. 

Following retirement from the Coast Guard I joined the Charleston Flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. After moving to West Tennessee I discovered that there were no nearby Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotillas so I have defected to the Air Force Auxiliary, (Civil Air Patrol). I am currently a member of the Fred Vatcher Squadron in Dyersburg.  This Squadron is inactive as this is written. 

Upon leaving the Coast Guard I went to work for SailNet.com as a Web Developer. After about 18 months the dotcom bubble burst and I found myself fully retired. During my short career at SailNet I wrote a few short articles for web publication at SailNet.com and BoatScape.com, links to a few articles below.  
After moving to Dyersburg, TN. I worked part time for Dyersburg Aviation/Avionics for about eighteen months until it changed hands. I managed the Municipal Airport at Halls, TN for several years. Hall's Tennessee Municipal Airport  is also known as Dyersburg Army Airfield, Arnold Field, and M31, and is the home of the Veteran Museum.  I am interested in the usual guy things like motorcycles and old cars.  I am currently doing EBay consulting and Web Design.  In February 2011 I was inducted into The Whiskey Painters of America.  I am looking forward this association.

Highschool reunion at Graceland, Left to Right John D. Perkins, Mickey Ryan and me.

Malcolm "Mac" MacGregor
and Jimmy Yarbrough visiting from Charleston.  Two old friends from CG Group Charleston

Penny a great companion and friend - got diabetes and  passed away in 2009

My new furry friend, 'Casey'; Casey was a flood survivor and her time at the humane society was coming to an end.  She now reside here with me and she is a real handful.  Vets says that she is about a year old and has been penned up for about four months, as this is written she is starting to calm down a bit she has been here for two weeks.  I think she will make it.  She is about 38 pounds and appears to be a bit Schnauzer and a bit Shepard.

My Good Friend Sam
Wilson, (deceased), Visiting November 2007. You will also see Sam over 40 years ago in the USCG pictures here.

(Click for Larger Image)

Armed Forces Day
May 2009

Almost one year later - Casey has doubled in size and a bit over 70 pounds, here she is relaxing on my sofa.

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